Kelowna Raiders 2023 Crab Fundraiser

Do you love wild caught, west coast crab? The Raiders have you covered this spring with some high flying deals! Get ready for summer as your Kelowna Raiders team-up with their good friends at Fisherman's Market to bring you some top quality, direct from the source, West Coast Dungeness and Alaskan Tanner Crab. Both fisheries have had incredible success to start the year and are offering the best pricing in many years. This Fund raiser will give you the opportunity to have a top-notch Crab Feast with your family and friends and help your Kelowna Raiders take home the cup again this year. We appreciate all our support from the community and hope you take the Bering Sea plunge and get your crab on! 

Dungeness Crab is caught on the west coast using sustainable, live trap methods. The finished product is a blast frozen, cleaned half crab with a crisp shell and surprisingly easy to remove meat. Dungeness crab is world renowned for its rich flavor and buttery texture most often used in high-end sushi establishments. 

Preferred Cook Method: Boil from frozen for 4-5 minutes and serve with melted butter. 

Tanner Crab is part of a small artisanal fishery in Juneau Alaska. Sustainably caught and impeccably handled this crab is processed right off the boats; it is large enough to freeze in single legs. There is NO brine used in the freezing of this crab making it one of the highest qualities and most flavorful crabs in the marketplace. Tanner Crab legs are fun and easy for any family , with a smooth shell that is safe and easy to shuck. Tanner crab meat is sweet and savory with a firm, flaky texture. 

Preferred Cook Method: Boil from frozen for 4-5 minutes and serve with melted butter 

How the Sale Works 

Just fill out the sheet and your Raiders Rep will handle the rest. No payment upfront. The form will be sent to the crew at Fisherman's Market located at 1951 Harvey Ave where they will process your order and notify you when it is ready for pick up. (Orders may take up to 2 weeks but most often are ready in 3-5 business days) Pick up at your earliest convenience and pay for your order at the Market upon pick up. 

    $299.99 l0lbs Tanner Crab Legs

    $164.99 5Ibs Tanner Crab Legs

    $249.99 l0lbs Dungeness Crab Sections

    $139.95 5Ibs Dungeness Crab Sections

Click the link below to  fill out the form:

Kelowna Raiders 2023 Crab Fundraiser